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Amateur Tunes

Though I (currently) have no professional aspirations, and my limited musical education is probably self evident in these compositions, I nevertheless deeply enjoy the impact music has in my life.

Having grown up surrounded by and indulging in music in all its forms, at times I've tried my hand at creating a little of my own. Unlike some of my family, I lacked the discipline early in life to focus on the technical theory and practice of piano. Instead I picked it up to some degree through sheer determination as an adolescent when it became an empassioned outlet for the turmoil and stresses during that period of my development (efforts in brass, woodwinds, and voice have never yielded my own artistry in any retainable form [thank goodness]).

Additional detail and insight into each piece can be found by clicking through hyperlinked titles and keywords within the description, where present. It should also be noted that while I am perfectly willing to share these at large, it is only for non-commercial personal use, and any performance or derivative works will need to acquire express written permission prior to any usage outside of that allowed scope. As much a fan as I am of licensing initiatives such as the GPL and Creative Commons, I'm not quite ready to give up control of these babies yet.

files & descriptions
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"Epic" PDF Icon sheet music pdf (111K)
LilyPond/LaTeX Icon document source (13K)
MP3 Icon mp3 (4.8MB)
Compressed Icon mp3 - zipped (4.8MB)
Originally completed in 1998, this piece has been recently retranscribed using the superior LilyPond notation and layout engine. Minor clarifications have been added as well as some insignificant harmonic support, but the meat of the work remains unchanged.

Performance notes and background & history can be found on the dedicated Epic information page. The zipped MP3 file is not appreciably smaller than the uncompressed version and is being provided for those behind firewalls and corporate download rules.

"Lighthearted Anyway" (coming soon) Composed in 1997-98 (completed just prior to Epic) this piece is undergoing notation and transcription to ready it for publication. The "Lighthearted Anyway" information page will be added and updated throughout.

ON HOLD - pending the completion of a writing project.
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